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Cleveland, Ohio



      I am available to represent anyone accused of a violation of Ohio's criminal laws including DUI/OVI, driving under suspension, theft, robbery, burglary, assault, domestic violence, drug offense, sex offenses and other criminal matters. 




      My time at the Cuyahoga County Public Defender taught me a great deal about Ohio expungement law and the process of seeking executive clemency. I am here to assist you with record sealing and pardon procedures. Expungement laws have changed. Those who were previously ineligible due to a prior conviction may now be eligible to have both records sealed. Call for a free consultation today.  


      Even if I cannot get your record sealed or expunged, I may be able to get you back to work with a Certificate of Qualification for Employment, a new way to seek relief from conviction related employment and licensing disabilities. 




      It has been my pleasure to help many college and university student who found themselves on the wrong side of the law. With student loan eligibility, driver's licenses, and immigration status at stake, even a minor criminal charge such as possession of marijuana can spell serious trouble for young people whose futures are otherwise bright. Fortunately, the law provides a number of avenues to help such folks avoid a damaging criminal record. Hire an attorney who knows the rules. Keep your kids in school.  




      I am available to help you understand and navigate the immigration system. Especially if you are facing criminal charges and are not a citizen of the United States, obtaining legal representation is important. Even minor criminal convictions can have crippling immigration consequences. 




      If you are facing a legal problem not specifically addressed above, please call anyway. If I cannot help you, I will help you find the person who can. 

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There is a BIG change coming to Ohio expungment law. Starting on October 29th of this year, individuals with numerous non-violent non-sex offense convictions--up to five felonies, and an unlimited number of misdemeanors--will have the opportunity to ask the court(s) to expunge those records.


The Ohio Supreme Court has recently decided the current statutory framework does not permit the courts to seal the records of certain pardoned offenders. Please join me in letting our legisature know that a pardon should not be a worthless piece of paper. 

Ohio has expanded eligibility for sealing of criminal records. New expungement / record sealing eligibility rules mean persons previously ineligible to have their record sealed may now be eligible. Offenders with multiple convictions may now be eligible. 

Sealing the Record

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judges Embrace Drug Court as Viable Option for Helping Offenders. Read more about it at

Persons disabled from certain types of employment and work licensing due to criminal convictions can now obtain relief from those disabilities through a Certificate of Qualification for Employment.  

Get Back to Work with a CQE

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