Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio

The Ohio Revised Code


LAWriter provides the general public with an unofficial, but accurate, reference source for Ohio law. Title 29 contains definitions of crimes and information on Ohio criminal procedure. 


Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Cleveland State University's Cleveland-Marshall College of Law provides its students an excellent, affordable legal education and contains a public law library and legal clinics. The law school hosts a variety of events each year for purposes of continuing education and encouraging public dialogue about the law. 

The Republic v. Liban Dahir & Twelve Others

This 2012 Somalian sea piracy case on which I had the honor of working broke new ground with regard to the treatment of juvenile piracy suspects. 

The Global Business Law Review


A publication run by students at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, The Global Business Law review is dedicated to dialogue on issues of international and business law. 

Supreme Court of Ohio


The Supreme Court of Ohio decides the most important issues of state law and is responsible for defining state law procedures. 



The SCOTUSblog helps the public stay abreast of developments in the law by reporting on the activities of the United States Supreme Court. 

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My goal with this blog is to address local legal topics and provide information



There is a BIG change coming to Ohio expungment law. Starting on October 29th of this year, individuals with numerous non-violent non-sex offense convictions--up to five felonies, and an unlimited number of misdemeanors--will have the opportunity to ask the court(s) to expunge those records.


The Ohio Supreme Court has recently decided the current statutory framework does not permit the courts to seal the records of certain pardoned offenders. Please join me in letting our legisature know that a pardon should not be a worthless piece of paper. 

Ohio has expanded eligibility for sealing of criminal records. New expungement / record sealing eligibility rules mean persons previously ineligible to have their record sealed may now be eligible. Offenders with multiple convictions may now be eligible. 

Sealing the Record

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judges Embrace Drug Court as Viable Option for Helping Offenders. Read more about it at

Persons disabled from certain types of employment and work licensing due to criminal convictions can now obtain relief from those disabilities through a Certificate of Qualification for Employment.  

Get Back to Work with a CQE

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